Into the West

A Day of 'Whoops!'

A day that will go down in infamy. A blotch on the career or Aleister, Toby, and Marcus. An unsightly blemish on the face of our story.

Just as a new round of investigation began, Clover mysteriously decided that she was going somewhere, leaving three bewildered men trailing in her wake. Upon arriving, the abandoned factory was immediately recognizable to Clover as Factory 27 and to everyone else as an ambush.

Confronted by a pushy doctor and two goons with shotguns, a fight quickly broke out. Clover was taken hostage while complaining mildly, and the doctor escaped with Clover through a spot of great luck. The men gave chase but were beaten back, first by some rats and then by a sludge monster.

Shambling to the surface covered in wounds and with Marcus barely alive (through an admittedly commendable effort), the guys paused for only a moment before Toby and Marcus crawled off to a hospital. Spotting a mysterious child, Aleister gave chase and won over his trust, who brought him to the hideout of the Lurkers. In a fantastic stroke of luck, a dazed Aleister managed to gather information that Clover and possibly even Vivienne were being held in the Asylum.

With a new lead, the party rejoins and hopes for a better day.



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