Into the West

Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap

This week our favorite ragtag group of mercenaries and sorcerers try their hand at thuggery! Concerned about Amos’ growing demonic powers, Toby decides to augment his body to gain an edge in battle. Dr. Gash agrees to the surgery under one condition: cut out competing surgeon Nurse Ratchet by any means.

Toby shares the plan with the rest of the group, and the girls are excited for the opportunity to torture and/or interrogate. Aleister outright refuses to participate but decides to look the other way while the others do their deed. Toby’s resolve is shaken, but he proceeds anyway.

A brief investigation reveals Nurse ___, liaison to Nurse Ratchet. He’s requested at gunpoint to lead the way, and lead he does.

To make a long and awkward story short, Nurse Ratchet is mildly inconvenienced by empty threats and indecisive discussion. Though painful to watch, the session does yield results: Nurse Ratchet decides to postpone surgeries for a few days. Toby takes the information to Dr. Gash, who isn’t completely satisfied but upon learning that Ratchet is stealing from S&R decides that everything will resolve eventually. Toby loses an eye, some hair, and a chunk of his brain, but he gains a mechanical eye that can see the supernatural and invisible!

Missions accomplished, Team Toby and friends boards a train back to the maze…

But it crashes in the middle of the desert and as the only survivors our heroes are left to fight off an attack by Native Americans. Battle goes well – no thanks to Ember – but the train is wrecked and a hole is discovered. An underground railroad?



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