Into the West

Into the West: A New Hope

When we last left off (ie. Dan’s disappearance causing a storyline break), the group was in tatters after its Hellish foray.

Amos became completely consumed by his inner demon and killed Whiskey before running off and Clover, Toby, and Jamie Lynn were trapped in a strange terrain.

The undemonized survivors managed to escape, but it was quickly decided that Toby and Clover were going to need more help. A simple advertisement brought a handful of competent fighters forward and of them Marcus and Ember proved their worth as the last standing. Toby – surprisingly the richest of the group thanks to his sole entitlement to the Mine – hired them immediately.

The new group returned to the Clementine (general anti-Amos sentiment abound) and set course for Falling Angels, which also happened to be in tatters. Amos had destroyed the mine and killed all but Milo, who was newly missing an arm.

A distraught Toby burst through the door of the last building standing to find Aleister kneeling, gun drawn, over the wounded Milo. Surprisingly, the misunderstanding ended in no further casualties (except for Aleister’s LeMat, thanks to an impressive shot) and the new band grew even bigger for the time being as they headed off to Lost Angels after a brief stop for Ghost Rock.

The current destination is the City o’ Gloom: Marcus’ hometown and assumed whereabouts of Vivienne, Amos’ assumed future target. With one dust devil put impressively down, surely the rest of the train ride will be an uneventful and comfortable trip to Gloom.



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