Into the West

Summary: The Dodge Ghouls

Orgy-tastic rituals, oh my!

Summary – Sessions 2-3

Whiskey spent session 2 in bed with a spontaneous and acute case of ebola.

Amos spotted three “gremlins” while keeping watch over Ezekiah Morton’s house, but they ran off without a confrontation. Ezekiah provided the posse with a map of Dodge marked with the locations of a number of disappearances, and indicated that The Glovers were responsible by virtue of their house being located ostensibly in the center of the disappearances. John and Amos were caught sneaking around the Glovers’ house, although Mr. Glover’s attempts to club Amos over the head resulted in him taking a tumble down the cellar stairs. Amos attempted to interrogate Mr. Glover at swordpoint, but the two were eventually chased off by a rolling-pin wielding Mrs. Glover (and an incredulous, exasperated Vivienne).

Having decided that Ezekiah has a few screws loose, the posse continued on to investigate the local morgue and clinic. Vivienne started to tell everyone that she thought human body-snatchers (also known as “resurrectionists”) were responsible, but John charged off to the morgue without bothering to listen to her explanation. He questioned Andrew Finch, the Irish undertaker, who explained that the disappearnces were due to “6-armed fiery eyed gremlins.” Vivienne and Amos went to the clinic and met Dr. Charles Turnstall, who confided to Vivienne that he employed some local ruffians to provide bodies for him and his students to study at a rate of about 10/week.

The posse ran into a group of CSA-supporting raiders attempting to burn down the house of a former union soldier. John immediately ran into the burning building and rescued John Walker, while Vivienne vivisected the hysterical Nanci Walker. Somewhat unsurprisingly, Amos lurked in the shadows.

After several unsuccessful stake outs, Amos managed to spot three ghouls taking a body from the morgue. He followed them towards Boot Hill before he was spotted. He cut down and decapitated one of the ghouls, but the other two got away.

The next morning John, Amos, and Vivienne found the ghoul warren and head inside. They are quickly overwhelmed, and retreated to the safety of the sunlight, where they are met by Jack Bennet. He scolded their stupidity for running into the warren without much of a plan or backup, and told them to meet him outside the cave entrance tonight to stand guard.

The posse returned to town to pick up Whiskey, who was feeling better. Whiskey and Vivienne used their feminine wiles to convince a bartender to give them a mess of used bottles. They then spend the night making firebombs while John and Amos shoot a few ghouls who attempt to escape.

The next morning they raid the ghoul warren with Jack Bennet. The firebombs prove to be greatly effective, but didn’t prevent Amos from being overwhelmed and nearly killed. Vivienne rushed to treat his wounds, allowing them all to make it out alive, if not a little worse for wear.

The posse immediately headed to the clinic to see if Dr. Turnstall could further treat their wounds. While there, they ran into Nanci Walker, who enveloped John in a big teary hug, thanking him for saving her husband.

Jack Bennet agrees to give the posse some time off to recuperate. During this time, John discovered that there is a $2,000 bounty on Jack’s head in Dodge. Amos tracked down a skilled leather worker named Dalton Brewer and convinced him to put together Amos’ Leather Armor. He also got a blacksmith to create a grappling hook for him.

While walking around town, the posse was forcibly introduced to “Lead” Hutchinson when Lead tossed some union bloke through a window and into the street in front of them. Amos tried to extricate Lead from the ensuing scuffle, but instead was drawn into the fracas himself. After the fight, Lead offered to buy everyone a round of drinks. He explained that he’d fallen in with “Bloody” Bill Quantrill and his raiders, and offered to introduce the posse to Bill. The posse politely declined.

Four days after they expected to hear from Jack, the posse finally received a telegram instructing them to head to Denver. Without further ado, they got the hell out of Dodge.



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