Into the West

Vivienne: Needle in a Gloomstack (Pt 1)

Our heroes – Toby, Aleister, Ember, Clover, and Marcus – find themselves in Gloom, having fought their way through a few messy situations. Toby, the previously-rich-but-loose-fisted finds a cheap “hotel” to host his dangerous mercenaries and magicians in, while maniacal mechanical cats howl outside.

The gang splits up to cover more ground. There is some investigating by Team Toby (NOTE: I don’t remember the other side well. Please fill out!)…

Meanwhile, the Persuasion Duo tackles the hospitals. En route they run into a Swing match, the deadly deathsport between Augers. Mildly fazed, the pair soon arrives at the hospital in the junkyard to meet with Doctor ___ . He mentions that he may have seen Vivienne, but she was only mildly interested in the answers to her questions. The interview’s result: surely the approachable Dr. Gash would know of Vivienne’s whereabouts.

The party rejoins and swaps stories, and soon after head off to a Pit match, to watch a little guy’s head pinched like a grape by Captain Hammer. Crashing his party, the team loses a match of agility – and a lot of money – but run into ____, Dr. Gash’s assistant. Toby nearly ends of with a shiny metal appendage, but at the last second thinks better of it. Much to ____’s (and my) disappointment.

Where could Vivienne be?



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