Cal Dixon


Cal Dixon is slightly taller than average, very pale for someone from the west, with dark brown hair. He is very handsome and charming, but is somewhat unnerving to the people he meets. He loves to dress well, owning several extremely fancy suits, and likes to amaze people with his fancy card tricks.

When in a city, Cal will immediately find the fanciest hotel he can, head down to a gambling hall, and proceed to make as much money as he can, presumably using magic to cheat. If called out on this, he will usually talk his way out of it, preferring not to make a scene. If all else fails, he is extremely good in a knife fight, but tends not to carry a gun. On the other hand, Cal loves to incite violence, and takes great pleasure in turning his fellow gamblers against one another. He also loves sharing grisly stories, especially about all things supernatural.

John has observed that Cal is capable of casting ‘port, obscure, armor, hunch, puppet, and various fire related combat spells when they’ve encountered each other. Cal will also use every chance he can, in combat to cause destruction to whatever innocent structures or people are around him. Several times when John has encountered him Cal has taken great delight in making sure large groups of innocent people were in the cross fire. It is also worth noting that Cal seems resistant to some extent to mundane injury. John has observed that Cal has survived what should have been a fatal shot, and the party has heard through second hand rumors that Caroline mentioned something about Cal having an unnatural gunshot wound. Caroline also complained that Cal was extremely cold.

Cal also has been known to take on apprentices from time to time. It seems he will pick an upstanding member of the community, a judge, mayor, or the like, lure them in and teach them a bit about being a huckster. This inevitably results, for reasons unknown, in his student going insane after a number of months and becoming extremely violent. Each of these apprentices so far have been hunted down and killed by the Agency.

Cal Dixon

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