Edwin S. Winge

Well-dressed reporter for the Tombstone Epitaph


Edwin is a smart-mouth, card-shark, wise-cracking gunslinger-turned-reporter. He wears a black suit, a Homburg hat, and a winning smile. Looks Nordic (as far as facial features, nose, etc), but with dark hair and grey eyes. Sometimes wears a pair of wire-framed spectacles. Has a thin, white dueling scar running from his left cheekbone down towards his chin, about 3 inches long, and normally only noticeable if one is very close.

His left arm has been replaced with a clockwork model by S&R, supposedly after he blew it off saving his team and a school full of children from a mojave rattler.


Edwin used to work as a “problem solver” with Jack Bennet until he lost his arm. Now he works for the Tombstone Epitaph.

Edwin S. Winge

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