Felix Reynolds

S&R Salesman


The posse ran into Felix on the train to California. Apparently he is taking a shipment of S&R goods west, using an “air carriage” to transport them past the end of the rail line.

More recently, the posse visited him in Shan Fan, where he is setting up an S&R outpost, to purchase a shiny new Gatling gun.

Felix is a smooth-talking (albeit occasionally awkward) salesman with slightly tussled brown hair and gold-framed glasses. His sports coats tend to have elbow patches, and are more often earth-toned than the more typical black.

Current Inventory:

  • Liquid Courage, $30/dose
    • It stimulates the body to release its own calming essences, and steadies the hand of even the most high-strung soul.
  • Palliative Balm, $25/Dose
    • This soothing salve is a boon to physicians everywhere, and it’s of no small use to the medically uneducated as well! It cleanses any surface wound to which it’s applied, causes nearly immediate coagulation of the blood, and stimulates the body’s own natural mechanisms to begin the process of healing.
  • De-Inebriating Tonic 10$/dose
    • Guaranteed to cancel the effects of alcoholic intoxication within moments!
  • Clockwork De-moler $120
    • Sensitive stethoscopes monitor the ground for the sounds of subterranean digging and scratching. When movement is detected, pressure variances within the scopes’ diaphragms turn the device and draw it to the source. Once there, the patented Roto-Exterminator wheel quickly, and humanely, dispatches the culprit, while simultaneously aerating your lawn!
    • Optional fertilizer nozzle allows you to refertilize the rodent damaged ground, and dispose of the remains at the same time. Rodents are processed into a nutrient-rich paste, which is sprayed downward cleanly as the de-moler works. No muss, no fuss!
  • Parasol Rifle $200
    • A fully functional parasol complements the hidden rifle within—perfect for keeping cool on sunny days and fending off would-be suitors.

Felix Reynolds

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