Minor Characters


This is a list of minor or old characters. Note that a “minor” character could very well become important again at some point in the future – I’ve just put them here to reduce clutter.

The Maze

  • Agent Cal – A junior agent initially tasked with watching Fellheimer’s Folly. He was relegated to this menial duty after “the incident” – he didn’t offer any more details.
  • Big Tony – Big Tony works as a pimp at the Red Dragon casino and is the ex-employer of Caroline. Upon meeting John, he was swiftly teleported through a shadow and interrogated beaten in a closet for information by John and Amos.
  • Dwight Shelton – Owner of the Big M. Ranch, the biggest cattle ranch in the Maze. After losing several cattle in a series of vicious night raids, he put out word that he was hiring regulators to protect the herd. The posse took the job, and obliterated a flight of Guardian Angels who had come to kill off more cattle.
  • The Maze Wolves – Mercenaries hired by the posse to protect The Mine. They were slaughtered by Amos after his demonization.

Around the West

  • Emmet Watson – Emmet is an affable albeit easily overwhelmed conductor for Black River Rails. He was in charge of the train into Dodge that the posse helped defend from steam wagons and gatling guns, and Emmet is mighty grateful for the help. He let the posse ride free to Denver, but when asked about more payment apologetically indicated that his boss doesn’t give him the authority to hire.
  • Jamie LynnCal Dixon’s erstwhile apprentice. She was put on a train headed east.


  • Andrew Finch – Mr. Finch is Dodge’s Irish and devoutly religious undertaker. He wears a black suit, and keeps his fiery red hair slicked back. Tends to cross himself a lot. When questioned about the missing bodies in Dodge, he informed John that it was the work of “6-armed gremlins,” presumably out of the mouth of Hell itself. He also gave John permission to stand watch at the morgue if it would help rid Dodge of the foul demons.
  • Charles Turnstall – Dr. Turnstall is a portly gentleman with eyeglasses and a distinct upper-class Bostonian accent that occasionally gets him in trouble with the local Confederate guerrillas and sympathizers. He runs the clinic and “med school” in NE Dodge. When questioned by Vivienne about the disappearances in Dodge, he freely confessed to hiring body snatchers to supply him and his students with fresh corpses for their anatomical studies. He estimated that they go through ~10/week. As for the rumors of “gremlins” – superstitious hogwash fueled by rumors spread by his body snatchers to cover their own tracks.
  • Dalton Brewer – An old leatherworker. Years of tanning have left his face leathery as well. Dalton is a staunch Confederate – his son fought and died in the war. He believes in loyalty to one’s country above all else. To that end, he emlazoned the Southern Cross and a corporal’s insignia on Amos’ leather armor, and instructed Amos to “wear it proudly.”
  • Ezekiah Morton – An eccentric old man in Dodge. Believes the disappearances in Dodge are due to “body snatchers” who use their victims in their “Dark, arcane, orgiastic rituals.” Keeps a map of the disappearances in Dodge, and has decided that The Glovers are responsible – their house is located ostensibly in the center of the disappearances. Consequently, he has been watching them (see: stalking) for weeks. He bakes delicious scones, and seems to be quite smitten with Vivienne.
  • The Glovers – Peter and Mary Glover live in central Dodge with their 5 kids. Peter works as a butcher nearby, a thriving and profitable business in a town built around the meat market. Ezekiah Morton thinks they are behind a dark cult, as their house is ostensibly in the center of all the disappearances in Dodge. He has been watching and harassing them ever since. When Peter and Mary caught John and Amos snooping around the house, Peter attempted to club Amos but instead took a tumble down the outdoor cellar stairs. Amos made a perfunctory attempt to interrogate him, but the two were eventually chased off by the rolling pin wielding Mary. The contents of their basement remain a mystery, but are probably OrgyTastic.
  • Nancy Walker – Wife of John Walker, whom John Smith pulled out of a burning building. She indicated that her family was attacked by confederate guerrillas due to her husband’s former standing in the Union army. She is immensely grateful towards John Smith, and is rather fond of hugs…

Minor Characters

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