Capt. Abe "Pepperjack" Hendricks


Captain “Pepperjack” Hendricks is the owner and skipper of the maze runner Clementine. He is known around the maze for his daring and bravado, or, as some argue, borderline insanity. Regardless, his boat handling skills are beyond dispute. He and his crew have seen Clementine through many stick situations.

The Captain has salt-and-pepper hair, bushy eyebrows, and a large, bulbous nose. Years spent staring into the sun and wind on the waters of the Maze have left him with a perpetual squint. His right leg is lame, and he walks with a noticeable limp. This doesn’t seem to stop him from moving around his boat with the agility of a man half his age. If you see him without his pipe, odds are good he’s asleep.


Capt. Abe "Pepperjack" Hendricks

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