Father Michael Oden

Preacher in Norwood, CO


Preacher in the town of Norwood, CO. Over the course of 8 months, something came over Father Michael. His sermons become increasingly centered on the inherent evil in mankind and the necessity to oppose it with violence. By the time the posse arrived, he had rallied several of the townsfolk to murder Josephin Waters, a local woman. Her body was left on display in the center of town with the word “harlot” carved across her face.

After some investigation, the posse discovered that 8 months ago Father Michael had been waylayed by several men in red and black robes, who surgically implanted a piece of rock in his lower back. This piece of rock seems to have driven him mad – when questioned after its removal, he claimed it caused him to see the worst in people.

According to Edwin Winge, the rock is a piece of Reverend Grimme’s altar in the City of Lost Angels, CA. Its exact purpose remains unclear, as does Grimme’s goal in sending his emissaries this far afield.

Father Michael and his adopted daughter, Sarah, are eternally grateful to the posse for their help. Michael is devestated by his actions, despite reassurances that he is not to blame. Before the posse left, Father Michael entrusted his revolver to John in the hopes that he could put it to better use.


Father Michael Oden

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