Ryan O'Connor


Ryan is an Irish lad of about 19, complete with red hair, freckles, and an accent that has made many a lass swoon and fall into his open arms. Perhaps as a consequence of this effect, he is more than a little talkative. He’s trying to grow out his beard to look older, but it’s not going so well. Thus far it’s just made him look a bit scruffy.

Ryan is the newest and youngest member of the Clementine’s crew, but he’s performed admirably thus far. He’s a fair boats-man already, and improving steadily under the tutelage of Captain Hendricks. His real strength, however, becomes clear the instant he steps up to man one of Clementine’s two Gatling guns. Even the best sharpshooter can struggle to handle the recoil of a Gatling, especially when fired from the side of a boat steaming through waves, but Ryan seems to have a sixth sense for it. He stands solid as a rock, spraying lead at his targets as steadily as if he were on solid ground.


Ryan O'Connor

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