Three-Fingers Mao

Head honcho of Kang's Triad in Ghost Town


Three-Fingers Mao runs Kang’s Triad in Ghost Town.

When the posse sought him out to get funding for their efforts to sabotage Grimmes’ Navy, one of Mao’s bodyguards informed him that Lead skipped out on a gambling debt, got in a brawl, and killed several of Kang’s men in the process.

Mao gave the posse 3 weeks to disrupt the production of Grimme’s navy, or he would hunt them down and take Lead’s head as repayment. Of course, the posse managed to incite a riot in Progress the very next day, so I doubt they have to worry about Mao.

Later, Mao offered them $5000 to blow up Grimme’s ironclad. The posse succeed admirably – they even took down a significant portion of the docks as well. Now they’re richer, and Grimmes’ navy is just about crippled.


Three-Fingers Mao

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