Dynamite Launcher

It launches DYNAMITE!

weapon (ranged)

This formidable piece of martial hardware consists of a revolving chamber holding ten sticks of dynamite sticks affixed to an ignition mechanism and a barrel that hurls them forth. A press of the trigger lights the stick and the dynamite is thrown towards its target at high velocity. With properly cut fuses, the user can cause his explosive missiles to detonate on impact!

Reloading is a slow, painstaking process, requiring a successful repair roll (or smarts -2) and an hour’s time. Cutting fuses to a preset time requires an action and a smarts roll. If it isn’t successful, the Marshall draws an action card when the launcher is fired. On the next round, when that card value is reached, the dynamite explodes.

Range: 8/16/32
Damage: 2d6, SBT
RoF: 1
Weight: 25 – that’s right, this sucker is heavy!
Shots: 10
Notes: Min. strength d8


Dynamite Launcher

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