Amos' sword

weapon (melee)

Before it’s baptism, Isileth was a standard cavalry saber belonging to Amos’ father. When Amos was 16 his father snapped, and used the sword to slaughter his children and wife. Amos heard the screaming and walked in to see his father drenched in the blood of his family. Amos managed to wrestle the sword away from his father, and used it to cut him down.

Over the next several years the sword was used in countless acts of violence, as Amos’ line of work and personal bloodlust frequently led to bloodshed and murder. Few people have crossed Amos Black and lived to talk about it.

After the death of his friend and ally Lead Hutchinson, Amos vowed to purge himself of weakness. He set about summoning the demon Glasya-Labolas, President and Earl of Hell, Author and Captain of manslaughter and bloodshed.

Thus was his blade reborn as Isileth.


Into the West Danlands