Von Stroessner's Journals


Von Stroessner’s Journal Entries

July 17, 1877

The insect has gone to ground. He thinks to escape me by fleeing to the new world. The fool. My attempts to render “Ghost Rock” down to its fundamental essence have finally born fruit. I call my creation “silberessenz”. How ironic that Fellheimer would run to the very source of this miraculous substance.

I will hunt him down.

I will complete my research.

I will be more powerful than even Renke.

The secret of the harrowed will be mine.

October 31, 1877

Finally, I have found him. The fool had taken to mining a worthless little spire in the shattered west coast of America. Even the ignorant locals laugh at him. They mock his pathetic choice of mining site; they call it “Fellheimer’s Folly”,
I have left him pinned to his precious spire like the insect he is. Let all see him and know the depths of his ineptitude.
Berlitz believes Renke’s power comes from Death. I, however, know the truth: Renke’s strength comes from Life… a life not his own. So I keep Fellheimer alive but unreachable. His life force will be the key to my ascension.

November 3, 1878

Still the secret eludes me. Berlitz has begun summoning the spirits of the dead to question them. The fool; what could the dead know that the living do not?

Tonight I will summon a demon from the plains of Hell itself. I must proceed cautiously; I know too well the results of over-reaching.

July 23,1879

Keeping the insect alive is becoming increasingly taxing. I must succeed soon, or lose it all. I must discover Renke’s secret. And before Berlitz.

November 6, 1879

I am so close. Buried in the pages of the Ars Goetia I found the name I need: Paimon; one of the kings of hell, keeper of all mysteries of the earth, wind, and water. He will know. He must know.

Tonight I summoned Margorondu, his Lieutenant. When I am rested I will summon Paimon himself. Soon the power of the harrowed will be mine,

Berlitz will bow before me Renke will be nothing. I will be victorious!


Von Stroessner's Journals

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