A rough and bloody town characterized by the meat trade, partisan warfare, and espionage. Union and Confederate sympathizers live side-by-side, but are far from neighborly. Buffalo hunters and cattle barons bring their meat to Dodge, and spend their money gambling, drinking, and whoring. Assuming, of course, that they can make it into town with their goods and their lives intact.

What’s more, the mayor has insisted that both the Union Blue and Black River rail companies be given right of passage through the town. This has made Dodge a popular destination for those traveling West, but the resultant transient population and corporate espionage and sabotage are not helping Dodge become any less bloody and dangerous.

In an effort to stem the bloodshed, an ordinance was passed requiring that all firearms be checked at the Sheriff’s office upon entrance to Dodge. Of course, now their is a bustling black market for claim slips, and the person returning to claim a gun might not be the one who checked it in the first place as slips are sold, stolen, or gambled away.

Deputy: Wyatt Earp

Notable NPCs met:


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