House Rules

Revised in Savage Worlds Deluxe:

  • Leadership edges apply to PC’s who consider themselves subordinate to the leader (and RP as such!)
  • Bolt power nerfed a bit: can either multi-bolt OR big bolt, not both.
  • Shaken results now merely limit the character to free actions (instead of no actions) and do not halve the character’s Pace.
  • New Incapacitation table, including some “Bleeding Out” rules (BTW, a raise on the incapacitation table still results in incapacitation now)
  • Non-Lethal Damage simply knocks out for 1d6 hours, with no Incap roll
  • Area effect attacks now get an extra 1d6 damage for a raise (like most attacks)
  • Full Defense now rolls Fighting +2 (instead of just Fighting)
  • Prone defenders no longer rise to defend themselves automatically (it requires 2" of movement to rise, but that’s part of normal movement, so it’s still not a full action)
  • Suppressive Fire counts as a damaging attack
  • Non-magical healing attempts can only be made once per patient. After that, the doctor has done what (s)he can, and the patient will have to find someone else to attempt a healing roll.

House rules

  • “They took him!” – Any and call characters named “Jerome” must have the “Major Phobia: Crows” hindrance.
  • Pace is derived as (Strength / 2) + (Agility / 2). The lower of the two is used as your running die. This yields the same average pace, but rewards more athletic characters.
  • The “Lucky” edge and “Bad Luck” hindrance affect not only your starting fate chips, but the odds that you’ll receive extras mid game as well.
  • Rules as written (RAW) state that, when leveling up, getting d4 in an otherwise untrained skill is more ‘expensive’ than raising skills you already have. Assuming there is some plausible reason for you to be gaining the new skill, I don’t apply that penalty. Good luck trying to convince me that you’ve been learning how to swim in the middle of the desert, though.

Homebrew / SWD Edges

Gunpowder and Steel
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+, Fighting d8+, Shooting d8+
Your hero mixes swordplay and shooting to great effect. When dual-wielding a sword and a pistol, he adds +1 to his Fighting and shooting rolls against an adjacent opponent with a single weapon and no shield. In addition, when making a wild attack he can add +2 to his shooting and subsequent damage rolls against an adjacent target .

Rapid Fire
Requirements: Seasoned, Shooting d8+
This character is capable of pulling a trigger faster and retaining accuracy. He can use Double Tap with a weapon not normally capable of it (as long as the weapon does not needed to be reloaded between shots), and he can use Three Round Burst with a weapon capable of Double Tap.

Requirement: Novice, Wild Card
You have an emotional connection with another Wild Card (positive or negative). When performing an action that directly affects them, you have a d8 Wild Die instead of a d6. This Edge may be taken more than once to apply to different characters.

Seize The Day!
Requirements: Seasoned, Spirit d8+
With inimitable focus, you can react to situations with almost unbeatable speed. Immediately after being dealt initiative, you may spend a Benny to act as if on Hold at the beginning of the round.
This does not affect situations where the character would not be dealt a card such as failing a Notice roll for Surprise, but if the character made the roll and was dealt in, he could use this Edge to begin on Hold the same as those who initiated Surprise.

Requirements: Seasoned
The trials of battle have left your hero resistant to less debilitating wounds. Add +2 to his Vigor rolls when trying to Soak.

Requirements: Seasoned, Smarts d8+, Healing d8+, Knowledge (Anatomy or Medicine) d6+
A character with this Edge adds +1 to all healing rolls. In addition, he may ignore one point of his patient’s wound penalties when healing an injured person.

House Rules

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