Devil's Tower

You learned from Earl Whitlow of the Chamber that there is an unstable portal to the Hunting Grounds in Devil’s Tower. But you’ll need help to get to it.


The Chamber

Junker HQ. Located in Fort Apache, Arizona, in facility hidden amongst the mountains. They think they can open the portal for you, and they’re eager for the opportunity to study the tech left on site. Unfortunately they can’t commit more than a few junkers to the expedition, and what’s more, their tech won’t work in the Sioux lands outside of the Tower.

The Sioux

Devil’s Tower is in their land, and they don’t take too kindly to intruders. But, maybe they’d be interested in clearing out the inhabitants of the Tower? If nothing else, they might be the only group on the planet with experience entering and navigating the Hunting Grounds in the flesh- if the stories are true.

Ike Taylor

Ike is the leader of Junkyard and the Iron Alliance, a group that rallied together to fend off the Combine and Silas’ Doombringers in the Harvest and Battle of Worms. Junkyard is the only real city left after the bombs fell, and that makes Ike the head of the largest colony of survivors in America.

The Templars

The Templars are a small and cryptic order dedicated to give their lives aiding and defending what’s left of humanity – or, more accurately, those whom they judge worthy of their help. Their definition of “worthy” isn’t always clear, but if you can pass the test they would be a powerful ally. Most Templars are lone wanderers, but they have a headquarters inside the Boise, Idaho Maelstrom.

The Law Dogs

Most Law Dogs were law enforcement officers – local police, Rangers, Agents – before the bombs fell. Now they’ve taken it upon themselves to bring justice to the world and protect the innocent. Unlike the Templars, they aren’t stuck up about who they help. The Law Dogs were the leaders of the last expedition to the Tower, and the few survivors have more information on the current state of the Tower and its inhabitants. The Law Dogs don’t have much of a central organization, though, so it might be hard to track those survivors down – if they’re still alive.

The Library

The Librarians usually have a relatively hands-off approach to the affairs of humanity, and they don’t have much in the way of firepower. They do, however, have the largest repository of information anywhere in North America, if not the world today. They probably won’t be of much direct help, but if you have questions, odds are good they have answers.

Devil's Tower

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